There is a time in everyone’s life where we struggle to understand why the challenges we face are brought upon us, and in what capacity our responses to those challenges will be.  We deal with questions of Why? How? and What next!  We may become confused, frightened, and unaware of what the future may hold.  For some, there are family members or close friends to hold our hands, give us hugs, and wipe the tears away.  And sometimes we may feel truly alone.

We all need support.  For those who are visiting this website for the first time, we understand what it means to be frustrated and confused.  We understand your need to find the reason behind Russell―Silver Syndrome.  We help you encourage physicians to understand the nature of the disorder.  We work together to make sense of your concerns, fears, and what lies ahead for our beautiful children.  Similar circumstance is the basis by which we are brought together.  It is this support that will help and guide us through our battles.

Those of us who created this website realize the importance of just being there for someone else.  We have learned what it means to be with and without support.  We hope that you will join us in our Facebook group.  This is the most important piece of our endeavor.  A closed group, it allows you privacy so that you can feel comfortable uploading pictures and sharing your very personal stories.  It is here that we hope to provide a loving, caring, and inviting atmosphere for anyone dealing with Russell-Silver Syndrome or SGA. A different but no less important Facebook group is  This is a public group and is meant to disseminate information quickly and set you on the right path immediately.

Kindest regards,

The Russell-Silver Syndrome Support Administration